Best pool equipment for keeping your pool clean

Pool Cleaning & Equipment in Melbourne

The joy and excitement of a swimming pool comes with some responsibilities. Pool Cleaning and maintenance is very critical in a swimming pool. There is nothing as disgusting as swimming in a dirty swimming pool.

It is not good for your health since sometimes you might accidentally swallow the water. Dirty swimming pool water can also lead skin infections. You should thus get the right items for cleaning your swimming pool.

Most people make the mistake of thinking that an automatic cleaner is enough for cleaning their pools. Even if you have an automatic cleaner, you need the basic pool cleaning items to get the job done. Below is a list of the swimming pool cleaning items that you should buy for your pool:


1. Telescoping Pole
This the most essential item that you need. It is commonly known as tele-pole. They come in a variety of quality and lengths. The best type is one made of fiberglass. However, the market is flooded with aluminum ones. They consist of two or three nested poles that are twisted and locked in place. Most of them come with 2 holes at the end. These holes are designed to accept the butterfly clip.

2. Vacuum Head
A vacuum is the easiest item that you can use to clean your pool. All pools should be vacuumed on a regular basis. Attach the vacuum to the pole then attach the vacuum hose to the vacuum head. You can then lower the pole and vacuum into the pools. Vacuum heads come in different types. The wheeled one is used for the concrete pools. The second type is meant for vinyl lined pools and has brushes instead of wheels.

3. Leaf Traps
A leaf trap refers to a canister that is normally put at the end of a vacuum hose. It is placed just before the pool skimmer. The inner part of this canister has a large basket that traps debris and leaves. This prevents any debris and leaves from getting into the pool pump. This equipment is very effective in trapping acorns, leaves, debris and pebbles.

4. Skimmer Net
The skimmer net is very critical in keeping your pool clean. It is a flat net that is attached to the tele pole. It is meant for removal of light debris that float on the pool surface. The leaf rake is also a mesh net but it’s used for removal of debris that is on the pool floor.

5. Pool Brush
So many pool owners overlook the importance of pool brushing. A swimming pool should be brushed at least once in a week. This helps in removal of algae and dirt from the pool floors and walls. They come in different types. A stainless steel brush is perfect for concrete or plaster pools. However, you should not use it for vinyl pools. A combination of steel and plastic bristle brushes are also great for plaster pools. Buy a pool brush that can clean at the pool corners and under the ladder treads.

6. Stain Master
This is a siphon driven device that is used to siphon muriatic acid from a bottle to a stained surface on the pool. It is very effective for localized stains on a plaster pool. The most common stains in pools are mineral deposits and rust stains.