6 Mocktails for Kid-Friendly New Year’s Eve Parties

Italian LemonadeFancy drinks don’t have to be limited to the over-21 crowd at your New Year’s Eve party. Just follow these simple instructions for creating festive mocktails kids love.

Italian Lemonade (pictured above)
The addition of Basil Simple Syrup dresses up this refreshing sipper from Giada De Laurentiis.

Chocolate Milk Mocktail
The tiny chocoholic’s guide to New Year’s drinks: Use spicy hot chocolate powder (or go with the original stuff) to line the rim of the glass, then mix up a quick chocolate milk to pour inside. And if that’s not enough, shave a little chocolate on top.

Raspberry GingeraleRaspberry Gingerale
With mashed fresh raspberries and a sweet lemon-ginger syrup, Bobby Flay’s fuss-free drink gets a fizzy bite from club soda.

Green PunchGreen Punch
Trisha Yearwood’s big-batch punch boasts several fruity tastes, including bright pineapple juice and the flavors of lemon-lime drink mix, which lends the vibrant green hue.

Chuck's Cherry LimeadeChuck’s Cherry Limeade
Ree Drummond’s delicious pink drink is a make-ahead hit in the making. It combines sweetened lime juice with cherry syrup — and a maraschino cherry, of course.

Tropical Passion Mocktail
Passion fruit juice is the star of this drink. Mix it with white grape and apple juices ahead of time, then pour in the club soda just before serving. Bonus: For another layer of color (and flavor), toss a frozen raspberry or two into each glass.

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