What Is American Bread?

Julia Child once said, “How can a nation be great if its bread tastes like Kleenex?” The French have delicious, crusty baguettes and boules, sweet brioches. The Italians have tender, toothsome ciabattas and focaccias. But what do we have? When I think of American bread, my mind goes straight to that sliced, store-bought loaf in […]

Carrot Lattes Are Pretty Much What They Sound Like

You may have concluded that, when an Australian coffee shop brought us avocado lattes the other week, the land down under had reached its coffee-poured-into-produce limit. Turns out, its baristas were just getting started. Apparently not to be outdone, the creative geniuses behind the counter at another Australian cafe — Local’s Corner, in Seaforth, New […]

Shopping the Farmer’s Market with Chef Tom Colicchio

Healthy Eats was excited when we scored an invite to shop the farmers market alongside chef Tom Colicchio. After all, the influential chef and restauranteur’s name is synonymous with gorgeous produce picked at the height of its season. (Decades before “farm-to-table” was an official movement, he scouted the Union Square Farmers Market for just-picked garden […]

Teeny Tiny Avocados Are Made for Solo Snackers

The question raised by Trader Joe’s latest (rather cute) produce innovation is this: Have we been waiting all our lives for miniature, single-serving avocados? Trader Joe’s Teeny Tiny Avocados, as they have been dubbed, are roughly the size of a lime, come six in a bag, and retail for $2.69 or $2.99, depending on where […]